Saturday, 8 May 2010

Signs of Growth

Hi everyone, although the weather has become cooler, there are lots of little seedlings growing in the greenhouse.

Climbing Beans, Blue Lake

Globe Artichokes, Violetta di Chioggia

Tomatoes, Gardener's Delight



I had an idea to grow some salad leaves. If your a fan of those bags of salad in the supermarkets, it's well worth a go at growing your own. I borrowed a book about it from the library last year and then got lucky when the library had an old book sale in that I got it for 50p! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to grow salad, it's called Salad Leaves for All Seasons by Charles Dowding

This is my idea to grow some lettuces in an old bit of guttering placed on the greenhouse shelf! They are doing fairly well, hopefully the slugs won't reach them up there.:0)