Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Red and White

As the weather was so bad, I thought I'd spend all day Sunday catching up with sewing orders for Christmas Garlands and buntings. This is what my table looked like..............

.........and today I've been making swing tags to use for orders. Some of the things I've bought on Etsy and Folksy have been so beautifully presented that I thought I would give my packaging a re-vamp!

I thought some mini paper bunting would look so cute

The swing tags are made from card onto which I printed 'A big thank you from Little Cherubs' all down the page. This was cut into rectangles and then I machined some red and white gingham onto the back. Had a bit of a struggle with the hole punch, it's not too keen on punching holes in fabric! Then I strung them with hessian string.

I bought a set of tiny rubber stamps the other day, so thought these would be perfect for stamping on the back of the labels

...........and here are some red and white heart doorhangers I've been working on.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Colourful Christmas

Busy, busy, busy! Yesterday I spent all day photographing and listing items. Why does it take so long?! There's all the arranging things to be photographed, finding a suitable background, then re-arranging because little one has picked it up to say 'Ooh mummy! It's lovely!' Yes I know but please put it back exactly where you found it! I was so exhausted by the end of it and had a headache from staring at my computer screen. I have done a few things on Folksy, but didn't even start on Etsy! So my Etsy shop is another days work. Anyway, one of the items I listed on Folksy was a set of little Christmas Trees,

I noticed a lot of colourfully decorated Christmas Trees in the shops lately. Mainly white trees with bright decorations, so I thought I'd give those colours a go. I love they way they have turned out. So different.

This set is a more traditional colour, I was going for a sort of vintage look

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

Hopefully it's not too early for you, but I have been working on my Christmas Buntings and Decorations, which I have been wanting to post about for a while, but haven't as I didn't want to seem too early with it all! But it is such a creative time of year I need to get making. I just love making decorations, food and presents for people. Besides we have all had horrible colds lately and need something to cheer us up!

I made this one yesterday,

I decided to handsew the letters on, normally I machine them but I think this works quite well

I LOVE using Gingham, it has such a lovely, homely, cottagey feel to it!

and here's a collage of items I made last year which I will be doing again this year.

Doesn't it make you feel all festive?!