Thursday, 22 July 2010

Garden pics

Hi everyone, here we are, as promised, some pictures from the garden. I have been playing around with the mosaic feature on Picassa, great fun! This collage shows the Hardy Geraniums, Poppy, Cosmos, pots with annual Geraniums, Heuchera and a gorgeous Sarah Raven Carnation called Moulin Rouge which has a beautiful scent. Shame you can't smell it through the computer!

These pics are of some of my homegrown vegetables. Our strawberries have done amazingly again this year, it's a pity I don't know the variety because they really are fantastic, the fruits were big and very tasty. The bottom right picture shows my 'pea shoots'. I don't know if you followed Alice Fowler's Edible Garden programme, but she showed you how to grow pea shoots from a 38p box of dried peas! They taste just like fresh peas and are a great addition to salads.

Most of the beans (runner, french and dwarf)have got black fly on them which seem to be everywhere this year, so I'm hoping it won't reduce the bean harvest.
But my courgettes are really getting into their stride and I have picked quite a few, same with the cucumbers, I shall take some pics of them for you.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Flying the Flag

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long! But I have been so busy making things and keeping up with orders I just haven't had time to post. The garden is looking fab so pictures of it to follow.

My wedding bunting on ebay has been popular, with one lovely customer ordering 125 metres! That took a while to make and kept me busy while hubby was watching the football. Here is what it looked like

Hopefully I may get some pictures of it in the Wedding Marquee to show you.

Talking of football, it got me thinking of doing some Union Jack themed items which I thought you might like to see.
There are cushions

and bunting in traditional red, white and blue

and pink and green for something a bit girly!

Hope you have lots of sunshine!