Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Cooking

Hi all, I took some time in between sewing to make up my Mincemeat!

It's this recipe, which is a good old Delia one, so I am hoping it should taste good. She has two recipes on her website and this is the cranberry one. It was all mixed in a bowl, then put in the oven on a low temperature and it made the whole house smell of Christmas!


  1. Hi 1st time visiting your blog and I love love love all your makes they are lovely and I want most of them lol
    I'm not so keen on the cookery posts thats why I married a chef hehe but your sewing/knitting/crochet pieces are truely lovely I'll be back x

  2. Thanks Lajoni for your lovely comment! Good to know my work is appreciated! I'm just going to have a look at your blog x