Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Bunny

Hi everyone, thought I would show you my Easter Bunny

He started out just as a drawing

Then became a pattern

Then in to cute fleece Easter Bunny!

Also made some Easter Greetings Cards to send to family. I didn't want to make them too fancy but not sure if they are a bit too plain!

Then made these cute Bunny Egg Cosies!

They are made with a pattern from Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits, if you haven't seen her blog yet then I would really recommend it. She makes the most beautifully knitted little animals, so cute!

Have a Happy Easter!:0)


  1. I love your bunny and the Egg Cosies are so sweet- Little Cotton Rabbits has such great patterns.

  2. Ciao, Buon Giorno, better stick to English l think.
    Just to say, what a lovely Blog this is, l follow two others, very similiar, as l enjoy nice, hand made things, that can be kept and passed on to ones loved ones, in the future.
    As an only child, l was raised in a typical Sicilian way, l learned to cook, sow, knit and do hair, and for a boy that was a bit unusual.
    But, it came in handy, when l became a single parent in the late 70's, early 80's.
    Hope you will allow me to at least follow your Blog.
    Wish you every success in the future, well done...............!
    Think Pink.........!

  3. ciao,
    il tuo coniglietto è un amore e i coniglietti di little cotton sono adorabili, sono difficili da fare?
    Ti auguro buona Pasqua!
    un bacio,

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments!
    Ciao Amalia e Willie! Tutti i benvenuti qui! I coniglietti erano abbastanza facile da fare solo un po 'piccola e poco pratici. Il modello è ben scritto. Tra l'altro io non parlo italiano molto bene di me a utilizzare Google Translate! Grazie!

  5. thanks, dear!
    I'm trying to write with google translate, I hope is clear.
    Little bunnies for cotton, I'd try, but my English is terrible!

  6. Allora, primo di tutto.....
    Buon Paqua, Tanti, Tanti Auguri a voi tutti, e un Bacio da me Guglielmo----Willie. X.
    Google? Google?
    My English is also terrible, l'm better in Spanish and German. Though Italian is still my main language....and what a language, che lingua, bella.
    I was on to Sicily last night for a couple of hours, and l have quite a few 3rd cousins now, young 4 to 8 year olds, and of course, everything is made by hand, learned at a very early age. As l had to. So l've passed this Blog onto them, as they are always looking for new ideas.
    Well! must get on, thankyou, got eggs to fry, suns out, oh! is that chocolate on your face.........!

  7. Thanks for that Willie, look forward to their comments! I think you both do well at english, but Italain is a beautiful language!:0)

  8. Well, here l am,with my lemon tea, the Sicilian flag, flying outside at 90 degrees, my home is affectionately known, here in Dorset, as the Italian Embassy!
    I wish to share this with you..........This...
    Yesterday, l decided to clear out and tidy up my spare room. I found a black bag at the back of a cupboard. In it, was my daughters soft toys, Teddy Bears, Golliwogs, opps! sorry, Gollygollys as we're supposed to call them now. You know, l looked up in a 1932 Dictionary, the meaning of Golliwog, it said, 'A doll of grotesque appearance'.......... is'nt that awful.
    But l digress.............So..Be..Allora...!
    I found a doll which l made for my daughter, when she was two years old. Madonna! thats 32 years ago.
    Anyway, l made it, from scratch, and have never seen another since. In fact at the time, some of the other Mums wanted me to make one for their children.
    Briefly, it was two Rag Dolls, stitched together at the waist, so no bottom half or legs, in fact l made a white Rag Doll with gold plats, and a black Rag Doll, with an afro. Then l made a double-sided, different coloured, skirt, stitched to the middle, where the two dolls were joined.
    So, when the doll was held up, with the white face, the skirt would fall down and cover the other doll.
    When held up with the black face, the skirt would then cover the other end. Two dolls in one. Clever, if l say so myself. But l have never seen one since. Not even for sale.
    It's having a good wash at the mo! Hopefully it'll turn out o.k.
    But, l am tempted to have another go at making another one! After 32 years. Dare I....! ooooOH.....!
    Just an idea though, perhaps someone might give it a go............
    Well, lunch time...Pasta in Forno..mmmM!

    A House is Made of Bricks and Beams, A Home is Made of Love and Dreams.:0)x.

  9. Love your creative projects. I made a dachshund from a Japanese pattern I found online to try out a 3-D project (see / June 14 entry). Your bunny is inspirational. I want to try transforming a drawing of my own into a fun piece.