Thursday, 5 August 2010


Hi I have been busy making Cupcake themed items, thought you might like to see them.
Here are some buntings

A small tote bag for Little one to carry her sketch book in

This is a doorhanger, hand embroidered with a name to personalise it. I've sold a few of these already so I'm quite pleased.

They all have 'Shh...!' on the back so it can be turned around for bedtime!

I also made a doorhanger for a boy in a beach hut shape.

On the girls' version I've also done ones with 'a Princess sleeps here' so they can just be sold without being made to order, but I cannot think what to put on the boy's version! Any ideas?!!!


  1. Love the cupcake and doorhangers at the top in Pink.........But then l love anything in Pink.
    Boy's version....Just for fun.....How about, the word IN on one side, and OUT on the other.
    Be o.k. for boy's, say, from the age of eight.
    Those that would like their own space...! and keep us grown-ups 'away' Ha! ;0)x

  2. I love the beach-hut hanger, so cute. You have been very busy! x