Wednesday, 26 August 2009

First go at quilting!

I was trying to tidy my (extremely) cluttered sewing room the other day and found many half started projects. Seems to be a theme with me, I get really excited about doing something, start a new project, then it either doesn't go to plan or I don't get it finished quickly and it's stuffed into a bag and gets lost in the sewing room! So as I was sifting through these various bags and I found a half started quilt. I had made some squares and started putting it together and (as usual) I had got distracted by something else. So I pulled it out, did a bit more to it and here it is; I have to say it is really my first attempt at quilting, so some of it is a bit wobbly! I still need to bind it, but I'm pleased with how it looks so far.

It's not very big, so I'm going to use it on little one's bed as a sort of throw. I have just backed it with cream fleece instead of the usual way of wadding and fabric backing. I know that's not how your supposed to do it, but I just wanted it to be really soft on one side so she can cuddle it! It's supposed to be little houses, cats, butterflies and dresses. All her favourite things! I still have to add the eyes to the cats and butterflies, but you can kind of see the idea, I hope!

Also started to sort out my fabric stash. Honestly, I am a nightmare when it comes to buying fabric! I cannot resist it. Especially florals. Found a lot of Cath Kidston squares that I had bought on Ebay, now I would love to make a big quilt or throw out of these, but that would be such a big project! I might do a few cushions first to practice on.


  1. It looks gorgeous Janet - I want one!!

  2. Thanks! You may have a long wait though, this one's taken a year so far!

  3. Hi Janet. Congrats on finishing the quilt! By the way, I've just picked up that book Fast Knits Fat Needles from the library so I'll scan the relevant pages when I'm back in the office on Tuesday and send them over to you! Have a nice bank holiday weekend! x