Friday, 7 August 2009

Freebie Food

We went to a Wildlife Fun day for children this week at a local Country Park. Whilst walking around the activities, I spyed these little beauties growing in the hedgerow.
I only had a carrier bag with me to put them in so they were a little squashed when we got home! But they were delicious stewed with a Bramley apple and mixed with some yoghurt.

Back home, I harvested some of my Swiss Chard, before the snails devoured it. The leaves are a bit like Spinach so I made a sort of curry with it adding some Chick Peas. The stems are supposed to taste a little like Asparagus but i just chopped them separately and through them in aswell. It went down very well with home made pilau rice.
If you can beat the snails, it's actually quite a good vegetable to grow. Bright Lights is a beautiful variety; the stems are either red, yellow or white. An amazing vegetable for a potager garden. It can also be sown in September for Winter harvesting.

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