Saturday, 23 January 2010

Boys and Girls Come Out To Play

Busy, busy, busy........! I've been working on some new designs.

There's bunting for girls.............

and mini bunting for boys.

A new square design........

which I can personalise!

More designs to follow, as long as it stays bright enough to take some decent photos!


  1. Ooooh lovely. Like the boys' one the best, but that's my aversion to pink kicking in! xx

  2. I'm trying to keep a mix of boys and girls! Otherwise I can do too much pink! x

  3. Love the mini bunting, it’s so cute!! x

  4. That's all gorgeous! I think the squares are my favourites but I love it all. I have you on my favourites on ebay so I can see what lovelies you've been making :)

    Mel xxx

  5. Gorgeous, I too love the squares, I think they look so sweet personalised, one can never have enough bunting around the house ;)


  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I agree, you can always squeeze a bit more bunting somewhere in your home! ;0)