Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted. There is a valid reason though; I have been working on a new project and will reveal all soon! In the meantime, I thought I would show you a throw/quilt that I made.

It fits beautifully on Little one's white cotbed, but would also be lovely as a play mat. The backing is soft white fleece, so it can be used in a pushchair, it's quite versatile!

Little one took for first one for her bed, so I made a second, which sold and now I'm making another in Cath Kidston fabric with pinks, reds and a soft green.
I'd love to make a double size one for my bed. My bedroom is due for a redec soon. We are trying to go through the house and complete all the little jobs that have been left, but finding that they have been left so long that each room now needs completely re doing! I love Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and anything Shabby Chic so it's difficult trying to get all those to go together! The porch has been the first place to get the makeover treatment. Husband took up the old floor tiles and put down some new creamy ivory ones that we just happened to 'find' whilst tidying the garage! (I think they are left over from the kitchen when I miscalculated how many we would need and we bought twice as many as we needed!) Anyway, he has made a great job of the tiles and it looks so much fresher out there, that was until little came in wearing her muddy wellies! Ho-hum! Just need to find a new doormat now!
I shall post some 'corners of my home' pics as we go along.

Also wanted to show you another Hobby Horse I made for an order. This one went to USA so hopefully is happy in her new home!


  1. What a beautiful quilt. I am not surprised they have been snaffled away.
    Your hobby horse is amazing. I am sure it will be very loved.
    Have fun
    Rachael XX

  2. You're so clever Janet! Love the quilt and the hobby horse, they're lovely.

    Mel xxx

  3. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You're incredibly talented.