Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Wedding Bunting

Well, here is my first tutorial. I hope you find it easy to follow. I was saying how I'm into making bunting and had a great idea for a wedding style one. Today I decided to get on and make it!

I have a huge stash of lace left over from when I used to make Bespoke Bridalwear. So I chose two similar designs with quite a dense pattern, so that it would show up well. The laces are very pale ivory in colour, one with a pretty daisy design, the other with a leaf pattern.

So here's how to make it:
You need:
About a half yard /metre of Lace in two designs
Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker
Satin Bias Binding
Ribbon and/or Silk Roses to decorate

Step 1 - Cut yourself a pattern out of cardboard. I like to make the triangle size approxiamately 7" wide by 8" long (18cm x 20.5cm). You can, of course, make any size or even two sizes, so you have alternate large and small triangles.

Step 2 - Now you have a cardboard template, use it to cut a pile of lace triangles, at least 20 or so. Use a disappearing fabric marker to draw around the shape, then carefully cut with scissors or you could even use pinking shears. When placing out the template on the lace, place one triangle one way, then turn it upside down for the next.

Step 3 - Now, using the satin bias binding, place the top of the lace triangle onto the inside of the bias binding, against the middle and then fold it down so your lace is caught inside. Pin it to hold in position. Space the triangles along the binding with about 3" or 4" (7.5cm or 10cm) in between them. Leave about 2" (5cm) extra at either end. You can tack in place if you wish.

Step 4 - Sew along the edge of the bias binding, making sure the lace is caught in between and that both edges of the bias binding are level. When you have done this you can fold in the edges either side of the first and last triangle and hand sew them to finish off. I added ribbon bow trims and some cute silk roses to the one i made. I just cut lengths of ribbon and tied them into bows and hand sewed them on alternately with the silk roses.You can add co-ordinated coloured ribbons to compliment the wedding colours.

And Voila! Wedding bunting!


  1. Hi Janet! I've tried leaving a message on your blog but I'm having trouble with internet explorer and blogspot... argh!!! The scarf was actually not that complicated at all. It's done on size 15 needles, which gives it the lacy look. I got the pattern from a book from my local library. I could have a look for it next time I'm over there if you're interested?

  2. ps by the way, the website that you've got in your profile is incorrect! It's .com instead of, so I had some trouble finding you!

  3. Hi Janet, this is really useful, thankyou :-) We are getting married on April 1st 2011, and instead of an April Fools theme, we think Spring would be a lot more tasteful. Thanks to your tips I am now going to start making some bunting out of pretty pastel spring coours. I used to do a lot of sewing so have a stash of materials. I am determind to do our wedding on a VERY low budget of £1000 so ideas like yours are a great help.
    Thanks again
    Sally :-D